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Philoptochos News


Philoptochos Mother's Day Dinner/ Meeting

Monday, May 5, 2015, sixty-two Philoptochos members enjoyed a delicious dinner at the UMass Conference and Inn Center. The evening started with a short meeting where we donated a $100.00 each to the Founders Fund and the OCF college fund. We also voted to send $500.00 to the Philoxenia House.

Niki Kanavas and Magdaliini graciously volunteered to host the May 31st Vesper service coffee hour. Connie Panas and Mary Mourtzinos will host the June 1st Church Name Day Luncheon.

The ladies voted to spend up to $30.000.00 to put new carpeting throughout the church.

All the ladies then took part in a Mother's Day Trivia Quiz.  After two tie breakers, Niki Demetroulakos took 1st place and Athena Hayes second place.

Eve Soroken chairman of the election committee announced the new board for 2015-2017. They are: Frances Cassidy, Cathy Chareas,Vasiliki Hondros, Evie Ivos, Niki Kanavas,*Angela Kontos, Bessie Kourkoulakos, *Villy Lirofonis, Joan Metropolis, Dolly Michaelides, Mary Mourtzinos, *Dafni Nacopoulos, *Christine Panagiotopoulos, Connie Panas, Magdeline Piskopanis, Theodora Stathopoulos, Christine Themeles, Demetra Thomas, and *Athena Tsionis.Those with * in front of their names are new to the board.

Our next meeting and last until September is scheduled for Monday, June 8th at the Church Hall. All are welcomed.